Welded Sheet Metal Ducts

In Cedinor we have skilled welders armed with state-of-the-art technology to weld stainless steel, aluminum, aluminized steel, galvanized and carbon steel.

With one seam welding machine prepare por TIG / GTAW for continue welding of the pipe and up to 60” in length. This kind of machinery allow us to weld much faster with better quality and lower cost.

Also, Cedinor has several hand welding equipment prepared for MIG / TIG and hand plasma cutters.

We manufacture our own flanges.

Cedinor has been the supplier of the mayor contractors in México for the automotive assembles lines, commercial and industrial.

Other Processes

Press Die Forming and Stamping

Our experience for press die forming and stamping is applied as a secondary process for our metal spinning parts and form parts. If you required short or high volume, we can help you. We commit to our clients from the design phase of the tooling to final production of your parts.

We have implemented fast die change that allow us to reduce cost.

Cedinor has presses up to 200 Ton to 5Ton with or without automatic feeding.

We are here to serve you so please contact us if you need metal spinning part with press die forming or punch cutting holes.

Other Services we Offer

We can offer other process for the manufacturing of your parts like:

  • Spot Welding.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting.
  • Roll forming.
  • Machining.

We Manufacture:

  • Ventilation products
  • Roof Jacks
  • Roof Curbs


Welcome to Cedinor. We are a family business focus on the manufacturing of metallic products. Our company have three main divisions: Metal Spinning, TIG Seam Welding and Sheet Metal.