Cedinor is a family business where every day we strive to be better. Its people are the most valuable asset where we are all coordinated to give you the best service. We are an experienced exporting company. Constantly monitoring our performance through our ERP system.

Cedinor began operations in 1994

As a supplier of ventilation ducts and fire system for the Monterrey underground subway. With cutting-edge technology since its foundation, Cedinor was able to meet the on time delivery demanded by this mega project. Given the crisis that was experienced at the end of the same year of 1994, Cedinor began exporting prefabricated sheet metal ducts and with this expansion mark the beginning of its serial manufacturing and quality controls. In 1997 Cedinor started manufacturing ventilation products to Rheem. Since then, Rheem has been awarded us the Zero Defects Supplier (two years) and the Supplier Partner of the Year.

Cedinor was an ISO 9001:2008 certify and now is expected to be IATF certify by January 2020.


we serve:

Cedinor was an ISO 9001:2008 certify and now is expected to be IATF certify by January 2020.


High Voltage Energy

Ventilation (HVAC)




To position ourselves in the automotive market as a strategic, reliable and safe supplier offering products of the highest quality, taking care of the environment and the safety of all our employees.


Serve the industry with manufactured metal products through the process of metal spinning, beading and trimming, TIG / MIG welding, rolling and forming.


In Cedinor we are dedicated to the manufacturing of metallic parts for the automotive industry, meeting requirements and maintaining a certified quality management system. We are constantly improving our system to achieve the satisfaction of our consumers and the fulfillment of our objectives throughout our quality management system.


Welcome to Cedinor. We are a family business focus on the manufacturing of metallic products. Our company have three main divisions: Metal Spinning, TIG Seam Welding and Sheet Metal.