The sheet metal ducts manufactured in Cedinor are mainly used for the distribution of hot or cold air, dust or oil gases. Depending on the application there are several types of ducts like TDC, Slip and Drive, Welding with flanges, etc.

The most commonly used sheet metal ducts are Slip and Drive (Small ducts), and TDC (Transversal Duct Connector) for bigger size ducts. You can combine these two types of sheet metal ducts in the same system so you can take advantages of both types.

Cedinor specialize in rectangular sheet metal ducts, welding ducts or pipes with or without flanges.

Cedinor is equipped with two CNC plasma cutting machines, one un coiler, hydraulic press break, lockformer equipment, roll forming equipment, iron worker and angle bender.

This type of ducts has the characteristic that a flange is made on the opening of the duct. This flange is part of the main body and does not required to be installed. TDC ducts required some accessories like TDC corners, buytl gasket, screw and nuts.

Since the flange of the TDC is part of the same material of the body of the duct, this kind of sheet metal ducts are more solid and is normally used in bigger size ducts because of the cost of the accessories required to assemble it. Since it is a more robust duct this allow us to use thinner material.

Tis type of sheet metal ducts for hot or cold air are characterized due to the assembly of each pair of ducts that are fix together by a profile called slip (S) and Drive (C).

This is the traditional sheet metal duct and is most commonly used for residential purpose.


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